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Once submitted your area, state, or regional director will be notified of a pending sanction waiting for him or her online. All forms will remain pending until payment is received.Once your payment has been received your sanction number will be approved and you will be notified.
All information submitted will be saved on a secure server. The information on this form shall be treated as private information and only the team name will be available to the general public.
Sanction Fees are:
Adult Teams $25.00 USD
Youth Teams $30.00 USD
For a complete list of SOFTBALL area, state, or regional directors Click Here.

PlayNSA Online State Sanction Form
Coaches: this form will not be approved until your payment has reached your area, state, or regional director.
NSA Age Eligibility Chart (Youth Teams Only)

Please Note: 23 and under teams should now sign up as Youth and choose '23u' as the age.
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If you have any questions please e-mail your director.
By submitting this form you are guaranteeing its content to be true, any false information provided could result in your sanction being revoked. We thank you for playing with us at PlayNSA.
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Team insurance is available. Cover your team for Excess Accident Medical and General Liability at a minimum cost per player. Purchase your coverage today at:
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